So . . . What’s This Blog All About?

I have this intense desire to carry on a conversation about things that matter — and so I decided to launch this blog. I hope these things matter to you as well.

“How presumptuous,” that was my first thought about this blog. “Really? So you think you have that much to say that people might want to hear?” I’m a little shaky on the answer to that.

But I do know I care deeply about ideas. I am one of those people who thinks on things — and I am constantly chasing back to my computer on a Saturday morning in order to snag some of those floating, fleeting thoughts. I believe, in the very act of writing, we often get more clarity about things.

Ideas matter: That is one of the guiding assumptions in this blog. I believe leaders must lead with ideas. Organizations and cities and countries are shaped by ideas. Movements begin with ideas. The world is changed through ideas. Universities are shaped in their deeper purpose by ideas.

It’s fair to ask, what kind of ideas are you talking about? Well, here are some things I care about. I care about the issues of the day. I care about culture, that deep driving force that determines how we behave in the world. I care about the gospel of Jesus Christ, that mysterious power that changes everything, including my life, on a daily basis, including the world. I care a lot about how that gospel engages culture, how we might participate in cultural engagement winsomely. I care a great deal that more of God’s children might flourish in the world.

I hope never to strike the posture that I’ve got all the answers, because I know that’s not the case. The posture here will be “these are my thoughts. I care about these things. Now tell me what you think.”

But listen to this: I believe there is a story out there that is true and good and beautiful. In our postmodern moment, it is exceedingly difficult to assert and affirm such a story as true for the world. I want to think together about how we embrace this ancient Christian story as a true story of human flourishing.

Finally, I care deeply about the work of the Christian university in our day. Sometimes I will talk about the place where I work, Seattle Pacific University. I believe the Christian university, rightly focused, at its best, is animated from its core by the profound story of God’s love and grace and joy. At Seattle Pacific, we believe it is our job to bring hope into the world. Can a university change the world. Emphatically yes. That’s what drives me.

So, these are the things I’d like to talk about in the days ahead. I would love to hear what you think along the way. Maybe, indeed, we can change the world together.



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  1. This is a great way to know what our President is thinking about!!

  2. Great job!! I’ve got this one bookmarked and am ready for more.

  3. I’m super stoked about this blog! What a cool way to disseminate info. And the video is slick. My one small critique is that the posts might benefit from a wee bit of editing. Commas can be tricky little buggers. (Sentence #2 is particularly chilling).
    Nonetheless, I look forward to hearing what’s on Dr. Eaton’s mind!

  4. Hi Pres. Eaton. It’s good to see you in a form a little more accessible to the world, and especially the student body (even though I am no longer a part of the student body). I plan on following this for as long as it keeps up, and I’m excited to hear your thoughts! As a recent grad, I still feel connected to the success of SPU and the changes on the horizon. Welcome to the blogosphere!

  5. Dr. Eaton — kudos on your excellent and thought-provoking addition to the blogosphere.

    For RSS feeds, I wonder if your tech team would consider posting the entire post to RSS, rather than the first 100-200 characters. Very convenient for users reading multiple blogs.

    Warm regards and many thanks from Washington DC.

  6. Dr. Eaton. It was a pleasant surprise that you have included us dinosaurs from the ancient computerless past (Class of ’66) in your e-mails announcing your blog. I haven’t bothered using blogs much, but I think I will tune in to this one now and then. I cherish my time at Seattle Pacific and appreciate the role the university plays in preparing young Christian men and women for service in all areas of our culture. I trust that the ensuing dialogue will result in some concrete practical ideas that each of us can employ in our own communities and places of work to advance the Gospel of Christ and impact the lives of those around us.

  7. Dr. Eaton,

    John West has invited me to subscribe to your new Blog. You have invited those who subscribe to your Blog to join in the discussion of how to engage the culture with the message of the Gospel.

    My contribution to this discussion is to encourge those who are interested in this subject to read Daniel Pink’s book A Whole New Mind. Here is one of the key thoughts from the book.

    “The paradox of prosperity is that while living standards have risen steadily decade after decade, personal, family and life satisfaction havent’ budged. That’s why more people–liberated by prosperity but not fulfilled by it–are resolving the paradox by searching for meaning. As Columbia University’s Andrew Delbanco puts it, “The most striking feature of contemporary culture is the unslaked craving for transcendence”.”

    This is a clarion call to all of us who know Jesus to engage the culture with the message of the Gospel, the only message that can satifsy this culture’s “craving for transcendence”.

  8. Excellent idea, Dr. Eaton! I love the idea that the president of my University is so much more accessible than most students might imagine!

  9. Dr. Eaton,

    Thank you for starting this blog. This will be a much easier way for me to keep up with what you’re doing at SPU, than the University’s printed publications. I look forward to reading your thoughts on current events, and the purpose of a Christian university.

    Sean M. Pearson, Class of 2001

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